Forncett Archive Notes


Miscellaneous musings: What’s its name?

The Merrie Robertson Memorial Cottage: a little known fact of Forncett's past

The Tabernacle Baptist Chapel: An early part of Forncett's dissenting past

A brief history of Forncett St Mary Rectory, by John Webster

A brief note on Revd J W Colenso and his church of Forncett St Mary (and a footnote on his cousin William Colenso)

Of Butchers and Bakers but not candlestick makers!
Part 2 – The bakers serving the locality

Of Butchers and Bakers but not candlestick makers!
Part 1 – The long tradition of butchers at Forncett End

Forncett did not lag behind in establishing motorized travel to Norwich and beyond. Two local families made a significant contribution to providing access to the city and more ...

A School at Forncett End: Brief notes on its establishment and demise.

Rectors of the Forncetts in the Twentieth Century.

Houses of note in Forncett
Domestic buildings

The Forncett Town House
Forncett-on-the-Taas – the puzzle of a song

The Mills of Forncett End
Drains at Forncett St Mary Church

An Early Postcard of Forncett St Edmund Church – shows the gates
‘The Magazine’ -  the Church magazine refers to Forncett folk in WW1

A Puzzle solved – a Smith reference
Herne or Hurn(e)? – variants in names

The Water Supply in the Forncetts
Kelly’s Directory of 1937 – commercial references