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This privately run and financed archive of material relating to the Forncetts has been growing since about 1997. My aim is to create a centre for supplying information or providing advice on how to acquire information. My stated intention is for all collected material to be eventually passed on in its entirety to the Norfolk Record Office. Contributions, which help throw light on Forncett past and present, are always most welcome.  READ MORE ...

Youngsters from Forncett St Peter school about 1930

Written by John Webster on .

This photo was shown to the Forncett Archive some time ago by Dennis Smith, who used to live at the Garden House on the Aslacton Road. It would be very helpful to identify the youngsters.

Forncett children?

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It would be much appreciated if anyone having any information would forward it to John Webster.

A response/acknowledgement will be sent immediately. Thank you.

Our School Play at Forncett Church

Written by John Webster on .

On the back of this photograph is the following: "our school play at Forncett Church". The sylvan setting might indicate the trees bordering Forncett St Mary rectory or near the spinney at St Peter's. The teacher in the middle seems to be dressed in the fashion of1910-1920.

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The idea it might be a nativity play seems unlikely. At about this period pageants were all the rage and the characters here might reflect that idea. The group is heavily populated with ‘Red Indians’ and clearly a lot of effort has gone into ‘dressing up’.

Please get in touch with John Webster if you have any ideas.

What? Where? Who?

Written by John Webster on .

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Photographs from the past are fascinating and provide us with a record for posterity. A major challenge is, however, to identify people and events. I intend to post on my 'Forncett Archive Corner' from time to time such photos, which interested readers/viewers will hopefully comment on and forward useful information especially with regard to identities.

The first is an item supplied by Malcolm Lee of a charabanc outing in the late 1950s, at a guess. All comments should be sent to the Forncett website address for me to respond to. Reference to persons should be made according to rows and from left to right. Thank you!  John Webster

The [Depwade Deanery] Magazine

Written by speedwell on .

Over a century ago a church magazine was published for the Depwade Deanery with the above title. It reported on events and news from each parish. Recently, through the kindness of Jean Stimpson, I received a few photocopies of relevant Forncett entries to add to the Archive. They enhance the picture of the Forncetts from 1916-1928, but are by no means complete. If any readers can add to my collection, I should be most grateful for contributions. The three editions published during WW1

An Early Postcard of Forncett St Edmund Church

Written by Super User on .

Forncett St Edmund - PostcardOccasionally  items of interest  appear on eBay. One such showed a postcard with an unusual view of the mission church at Forncett End with the gates and stile. It must have been taken ca. 1905-6, as the bellcote has not been added. The gates are of an impressive design; the picket fence is of interest and the stile is similar to the one on Tabernacle Lane for the footpath behind the Methodist Church.

It would be very helpful to have a copy of this postcard in the Forncett Archive. Does anyone have access to one?