Roy Wallace Francis 1922-2015

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Roy Francis (left) with his family at the Remembrance
Day service in St Peter's church, November 2014.
Photo Su Leavesley


Roy Francis, long term resident of Forncett St Mary died on 26th January and was buried on the 13th February 2015 in St Peter's churchyard. He will be missed.

There is a very full obituary in the Daily Telegraph and another in this months icon Forncett Flyer March 2015 (page 12). 


Experiences of the recent Roadworks

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There is no doubt that Forncett has had more than its share of road works, closures and diversions lately: the good news is that we are past the worst. The work at Forncett End around Valiant Corner (top of Tabernacle Lane) has left us with a lovely new pavement / footpath / causeway, and improved drainage for that part of the village - that’s the good news: there remains however all the mess and broken down verges and ditches on either side of Tabernacle Lane which were in a bad enough state before the work started now that farmers don’t bother to maintain them. Closing Tabernacle Lane off at the top diverted traffic down the lane at the start of their journeys: and back again, of course. I can see from where I sit typing, and I can tell you that not everyone was patient and well-mannered about reversing back and / or getting out of the way where possible. The problem with these narrow lanes is that there is nowhere to get out of the way. So they use our driveways and trash them; and they drive up the verges and trash them too.


May 7th 2015: Election Day

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Thursday May 7th 2015 is Election Day

As well as the General Election, there will be elections for South Norfolk Council (one seat for Forncett) and the Parish Council (seven seats for Forncett).  If you are interested to find out more about the roles, or how to be nominated as a candidate, please contact our Parish Clerk Anne Rayner (01508 570700) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit the 'Elections 2015' page on South Norfolk Council web-site:  or phone the Elections Team at South Norfolk Council on 01508 533704.


Road closures Long Stratton Road / Mill Lane

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16th January (from Brian Frith)

... and now the good news!  After 4 days of disruption, traffic problems and a fair degree of discontent (from those on the diversion route along Low Road, Cheney's Lane and Valley Farm Road, but particularly from the residents of Gilderswood Lane who found themselves on the unofficial diversion route, the works are now over.  All 'Road Closed' and diversion signs have been removed.  The Parish Council has made an urgent request to NCC for damage and 'mess' caused by the diverted traffic to be repaired, and made suggestions for what could have been done (and hopefully will be done) if a similar situation arises in the future.

The next phase of the works starts on February 2nd and will involve closure of Overwood Lane - but for that there is a simple diversion via Mill Road and Aslacton Road (which are better roads than Overwood Lane!) so hopefully not too many problems will emerge.  After that, the gas main goes over the river and into Great Moulton / Aslacton.