Forncett Nature Matters

This is the name of a group which formed in October 2021 and welcomes everyone who cares about the natural world.   Join us and become involved in ensuring that our village enriches and supports nature. Experiencing nature, and working outdoors, helps boost our own physical and mental well-being.

Buff Tailed Bumblebee, Photo Jon Hawkins

Nature Notes

Read our latest news, information from our events and those of other organisations we have connections with. 

Summer meadow in Forncett. Photo: Christina Wakeford

About Us

We aim to put nature lovers, wildlife-friendly gardeners/farmers in touch with one another, to form a collaborative network which we hope will be reflected in improved connectivity creating ‘green corridors’ of wildlife habitats wherever possible. 

Road verge survey training, photo A. Rae

Join or contact us

Forncett Nature Matters is about connecting people as well as wildlife friendly spaces.  Everyone who would like to work towards increasing space for nature, enhancing bio-diversity and connecting habitats is welcome. There is currently no subscription to join the group.

Dead_Hedge, photo C. Wakeford

Past Articles

Read articles on a wide range of nature, wildlife and sustainability topics written by members of the Steering Group and our supporters which have been published in local journals.

Links to Nature and Wildlife resources

Forncett Nature Matters is about connecting habitats and people.  Here we provide Resources we hope you will find useful.

Coming Events

We aim to hold meetings 4 times a year and activities more frequently.  There will be opportunities to learn and to share knowledge and experience.