Links to PROW information

Written by Brian Frith.

A selection of links to information about Public Rights of Way (PROW)

To report a problem with a PROW:  Click here to go to the Norfolk Highways 'report a problem' page  or contact Keith Fromings - our volunteer who is regularly in contact with Norfolk Highways Footpath maintenance team.

If you report a problem you will be given reference number: it would very helpful if you could let Keith Fromings , know this number so that we can follow up your report.  The reality is that it takes some time for a problem to be rectified (if ever!), but the Rights of Way Officer has asked that people continue to report problems so that there is a measure of the degree of concern.

To go to the interactive map of all NCC Rights of Way:  Click here to go to the map  You will need to 'zoom in' to the Forncett area and, when at sufficiently large scale, you will find that when you click on a stretch of footpath a window pops up telling you the footpath number!

To go to the Norfolk C.C. page of information on PROW:  Click here for the Norfolk CC PROW information page

The National Association of Local Council has also produced an information sheet:  NALC - PROW