Greg Jordan, Graphic Designer

We now meet Greg Jordan, Graphic Designer for the Friends of St Peter's

What motivated you to become a graphic designer?

I’ve always been interested in both science and the arts and did an unusual combination of A-levels – maths, physics and art – which led to my BA degree in Scientific and Technical Graphics at Cornwall College and Plymouth Polytechnic back in the early 80s.

2021.08.15.Interview Greg Jordan.Photo A Rae smGreg Jordan. Photo: A Rae

 And you’ve been working in graphics ever since?

Yes. Following my first job at a firm of printers in London I worked for the BBC World Service at Bush House on The Strand. I didn’t stay long because I was ambitious and a job came up at Brent Council to run my own team of designers producing leaflets and a weekly newspaper. After 11 years there I decided to set up my own design business, Applejuice Design, in 1994.

Has the job changed much over the years?

Yes, the advent of computers has led to significant changes, not always for the better. The process of design has speeded up, but unless carefully managed, can lead to the production of too many design alternatives which can confuse clients. Part of me still yearns for the old days of pencils and pens!

And you swapped London for Norfolk.

Yes, we came here in 2000 because with a young family we wanted to bring them up outside London. Forncett appealed because we’d heard about the sense of community and the school had a great reputation. The children have all grown up now and moved away, but it was a great start for them.

How did you get involved with Friends of St Peters?

I was asked by Donna Humphreys who is on the Publicity Sub-Committee. Friends of St Peters was looking for a logo for its publicity material which is the type of work I’ve spent my career doing. I was delighted to be asked because I’ve got very fond memories of the church - it’s where I got married!

 How did you approach the brief?

I felt it was important for the logo to show the church. Having looked at images of the church it soon became apparent that any design should reflect its iconic shape, emphasise the round tower and be easily recognisable – I hope that’s what I’ve achieved.     FoSPclear

Thank you Greg – you’ve definitely achieved that - we love the design!

 Our new information panel, designed by Greg is now in St Peter’s to raise understanding of and support for the campaign with all visitors. Do pop in. 

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