St Peters aerial crop Photo David AverySt Peter's is the parish church - a wonderful Grade 1 listed jewel nestled in the heart of Forncett.  Its Saxon round tower, built circa 1000 AD, is one of the best in the country.  There are other Saxon / Norman features. Much of the main building is of later, mainly 14th and 15th century date. Look out for: the 1485 Drake tomb,  carved pew ends, fine ledger slabs in the chancel and nave, the memorial to Dorothy Wordsworth’s cousin, good examples of Victorian coloured glass windows, a unique ancient staircase in the tower (access by appointment) and the ring of six bells. This is a beautiful church and that's not all - it has a vibrant spiritual life too!  If you'd like to know more, please look at a church near you

 Now in desperate need of repair and renovation, please join us in saving this exceptional building for the next 1000 years.  


St Peter's Goes Batty

  Natterer's Bat. Photo Paul van Hoof   St Peter’s Goes Batty! Bats are amazing little creatures, an important part of the ecosystem, and they have probably been sharing St Peter’s with...

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Building for the Future

Photo: Ally Rae - Temporary pipe-work to carry rainwater away from the building Good news in our progress with the repairs to St Peter’s: the emergency work to make the church watertight was completed...

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