Pew Carvings

One can spend hours just studying the pew ends!

bench end    Pew Ends adjusted sm Photo A Moskvina
Pew end carvings Photos: A Moskvina

 They were carved in the 15th-century and heavily restored in the 19th-century, representing Saints and Apostles (St Peter and St Paul, to whom the church is dedicated, are here), as well as the Seven Sacraments of the Church (look for Extreme Unction, which involves anointing and comforting the dying), personifications of trades and occupations (such as the huntsman with his falcon) and the Deadly Sins: can you find the greedy miser with his coin box and a surprisingly friendly-looking devil at his feet? There are puzzling figures here too: for example, can anyone guess who the lady in a little house is – is she a medieval hermit in her little cell? Some of the figures look new and shiny, and others appear to have been damaged. This means that the former are likely a result of Victorian restoration and the latter are medieval and either got damaged naturally over time or were mutilated deliberately after the Reformation, when imagery in the church was considered unacceptable.


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