Forncett celebrates the Jubilee

Written by Su Leavesley.

And how we celebrated! It rained; it was cold; but if the Queen could stand it on that boat (sorry, barge) on the Thames, then who are we to grumble?

Painted by the children of Forncett School, this banner was the centre piece of the party at the school on Friday. All the children were dressed in their royal-most clothing, and there were six Busby-wearing gentlemen to guard the ‘Queen’ and her close family. Several of the children performed songs, dances and jokes to entertain and delight the parents, guests, teachers and staff.

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Forncett Fete 2011

Written by Sally Hibbler.

A BIG thank you to everyone for attending and helping with the fete.

Following the initial count of the takings at the fete, the fete has raised, after expenses, £1,654.68!  Obviously this may change slightly when counted again. A further £750 should also be added as part of Barclays donations to local charities.

WELL DONE to everyone

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Photos Courtesy of Su Leavesley

Gilderswood Laynes Farm Appeal Rejected

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Appeal A - The Planning application - Ref: APP/L2630/A/10/2138729 31 - Change of use from agricultural land to residential site for Traveller family, to include the stationing of 2 static caravans, 2 touring caravans and a day block plus associated landscaping and fencing.

The appeal is dismissed.

Appeal B - The Enforcement Notice - Ref: APP/L2630/C/10/2138732 32 - Remove the caravans and all associated domestic items from the land and cease the use of the land for residential purposes no later than 31 July 2011.

The appeal allowed for a periof of 4 years with conditions - at the end of this period the use hereby permitted shall cease. Within three months of the end of this period all caravans or mobile homes, structures, materials and equipment brought onto the land in connection with the use shall be removed from the site and the surface of the land shall be restored to its previous natural condition (with some exceptions).

You can download the Full Report:  icon Gilderswood Laynes Farm Appeal Decision