Flooding - Information from The Environment Agency and other sources

Written by Brian Frith.

The Environment Agency 'Floods Destroy' Campaign is aimed at alerting and informing people who could be at risk of flooding by publicising good practice, contact phone numbers, relevant web-sites etc - with a view to minimising loss of life, injury, and damage to property and services in the event of a flooding incident.

Phone 999 - where there is immediate risk of serious injury or danger to life

Phone 0344 800 8013 - The Norfolk Strategic Flood Alliance 'Hotline'

Phone 0345 988 1188 - The Environment Agency Floodline

Phone 0800 80 70 60 - Environment Agency 24hr freephone number - if there is a flooding incident or you feel there is strong likelihood of an incident involving flooding to residential property

The information is on the Environment Agenct web-site here: Floods Destroy Campaign

Thanks to Jenny Bloomfield, Emergency Planning Officer at South Norfolk Council, for drawing this site to our attention.  If you have any queries, Jenny can be contacted on 01508 533607.

There are many sources of help and advice for those whose property has been flooded, or are in an area with the potential to flood. The resources are not listed is any order of preference or importance.  If in doubt seek advice from insurers or others groups mentioned in the publications before committing to any modifications or expenditure.

Environment Agency Community Briefing March 2022

Norfolk Strategic Flood Alliance leaflet - Summer 2021

Environment Agency leaflet following flooding Winter 2020/2021

Norfolk County Council 'Water Management' Team: go here to make a report of flooding inside your living accommodation, to register interest in a 'Flood Grant' (for 'after the event' resilience measures) and for links to summaries of rights and responsibilities of those living beside rivers etc.

'Know Your Flood Risk' booklet - lots of advice about measures to minimise risk and damage (some very simple!)

The National Flood Forum - charity supporting flood victims

Living on the edge - a guide for those living next to a water course

BRE Property Protection booklet

'Dredging' - Environment Agency leaflet