How to construct an environmentally friendly Dead Hedge

Written by Ally Rae.

SATURDAY 26th FEBRUARY  2022 at 2pm
Eleven of us had a wonderful afternoon in Claire Jordan’s garden making two magnificent dead hedges, perfect for insects, small mammals and birds to use and a great way to get rid of all that waste material. We hammered in stout stakes and layered between them dead wood, hedge trimmings, all sorts of woody waste which takes ages to rot down. These were big ones, but they are just as effective on a really small scale, whatever size of garden you have. It was a lovely afternoon finished off with homemade soup and bread and pizza. What could be better? Thanks so much to Claire and her family for gathering all the materials and reviving us so well, and to Bob for the bread.

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2022.02.26 Dead Hedge event. Photo A Rae 2sm In the beginning...Photo: A Rae
2022.02.26 Dead Hedge event. Photo A Rae 24asm

 The finished dead hedge  Photo: Ally Rae