Another Footpath Cleared!

Written by Brian Frith.

Over the summer, the very popular 'Footpath 29' which runs from Tabernacle Lane by the side of the Sewage Works, has become very overgrown, to the point of being more or less impassable. 

Over the weekend of 5th to 7th September, when John had access to a brushcutter, a team of volunteers set about clearing the brambles, nettles and other undergrowth with the amazing results shown in the photos below:

Click picture for slideshow: Photos by Brian Frith  

Thanks to everyone who took part (10 in all on Sunday morning!) and particular thanks to John for his work with the brushcutter.


We hope that all the effort will be appreciated and enjoyed by many people (the blackberries which have now become accessible have already seen a remarkable reduction in numbers!).  At the south end of the path, beyond the wooden bridges, there are several options to make a circular walk by turning right along the winding stream back towards the B1113 at Cordwell, or turning left and going towards the road over the ford at Brock's Watering and back up Tabernacle Lane.

Please enjoy using the path … and don’t be afraid to take along your secateurs to trim off the brambles which will begin to invade the path very soon!  This applies to overhanging vegetation on any public right of way. Every little helps!

If you would like to join in any future path-clearing ventures please let the Parish Council know.  It seems that, for the foreseeable future, we will have to rely increasingly on volunteer help to keep our valuable network of footpaths accessible!  The work is much easier when there is a group of people ... and it's a great community atmosphere.

See the contact details for the Parish Council here