Parish Council Meeting of 18th April 2013

Written by Brian Frith.

Present at the meeting held on 18th April were Councillors Brian Frith, Beverley Humphreys, Terry Henderson, Claire Jordan, Jackie Bowers, Gillian Barnes, David Peacock, clerk Sarah Berwick, County Councillor Bev Spratt (first part of meeting) and seven members of the public.

Mr Neville Chapman: It was with sadness that the Council acknowledged the death of Mr Chapman on April 2nd. Mr Chapman joined the Parish Council in 1955 and served until 2007 during which time he worked tirelessly to serve residents of Forncett. Beverley Humphreys would represent the Parish Council at the funeral. Brian had sent a condolence card to his widow and family on behalf of the Council. 

Report on SNC Planning Committee meeting re: 'Fourways' (2012/1615) and update on Millbank application (2013/0138):

Brian and Sarah attended the Committee meeting where Brian explained to the Committee the Parish Council concerns about the visibility on the crossroads where the boundary for the end property will be. The Committee requested that a condition is added to the permission to restrict the position and height of any hedge or fence. The officer in charge of the application has not yet produced the conditions to the application.

It was also noted that the officer in charge of the second Millbank application 2013/0138 (still to be determined) has asked the Agent about the provision of affordable homes, as the number of houses to be built apparently exceeds the number where a contribution is normally sought. The Agent replied stating that each application has been made by different people and each plot is in different ownership. However Councillors pointed out the title of two of the applications were ‘subdivision of the Millbank site’ which would suggest it was in one ownership. It was agreed to query this with South Norfolk Council.

Application 2013/0431 Annexe at Orchard House, Wash Lane; Change of use of annexe to use as an independent dwelling unit. Councillors commented that the application form states that the annexe is already let therefore this is a retrospective application. It was suggested that a condition that the annexe cannot be sold separately should be added to the permission.

NCC Working with Parish Councils to provide local highway improvements: (which can provide grants of 75% towards the cost of minor highways improvements) Following the public participation request to install a pavement completing the link between Orchard Close and Bentley Road it was agreed to add the project to the Parish Council’s submission to NCC. It was agreed that the order of priority will be first, the flashing sign on Mill Road, then the flashing sign on Low Road, third will be the trod path on Aslacton Road and fourth the Orchard Close trod path.

Annual Parish Open Meeting:  Your chance to hear reports from a wide variety of organisations and clubs in the village and raise any matter (or praise any initiative!).  The meeting starts at 7 pm in the Village Hall on Thursday 16th May 2103, and will be followed (after a short refreshment break) by the Parish Council Meeting (the AGM). 

For full minutes of the meeting (in draft form until approved at the next meeting in May) click here.

If you have any queries regarding the Parish Council please contact the clerk, Sarah Berwick, 10 Hall Lane, Wacton, Norwich, NR15 2 UH.  Tel. 01508 531854.