Parish Council Meeting of 18th July 2013

Written by Brian Frith.

The Parish Council meeting on 18th July was attended by Councillors Brian Frith, Beverley Humphreys, Claire Jordan, Jackie Bowers, Gillian Barnes, David Peacock and Terry Henderson. Also present were District Councillor Bob McClenning and 5 members of the public.

Some of the main items discussed at the meeting are mentioned here. Full minutes of the meeting will be available here - in draft form until agreed by the Council at the next meeting (19th September). 

There were no new Planning Applications. A member of the public raised concerns about business activities near his property and some members agreed to visit the site to get more information.  Nothing more had been heard regarding revised plans to satisfy the requirement to preserve the line of vision at the 'Fourways' road junction at Forncett End when the development of the site takes place.

Councillors were delighted to record their appreciation of the efforts of everyone involved with 'The Forncett Flyers' Village Games Team, which had led to them gaining 'Silver' place at the Norfolk Finals at UEA on July 14th - a truly wonderful team effort which brought together participants of all ages in a wide range of sports and games.  Members were also pleased to hear of the success of the Village Hall Trustees in gaining a grant to allow new rainwater goods and fascia to be installed (and looked forward to hearing of more successful applications in the future!) and of the success of the Forncett Fete 2013 which had raised almost £2400 to be shared between the Village Hall, the School and Little Tractors Playgroup.  There's a lot going on in Forncett!

Payment of the Parish Council contributions to the 'Highways Partnership Projects' should mean that these can be completed within the current financial year. There was, however, concern that, for yet another season, there seems to be no provision for maintaining public footpaths in the care of the County Council.  It was agreed that a letter should be written to find out what should be happening to maintain them, and to ask whether any practical or financial assistance would be available if the Parish Council decided to take action.  At the same time, the Council is grateful to those landowners who try to ensure that the paths on their land are kept open and accessible.

The advertisements for a new Clerk attracted 10 applications and a short-list of 4 candidates were interviewed.  The Council is delighted to announce that Anne Rayner will be our new Clerk from 1st August, but, for the time being, until contact details have been clarified and there has been time for 'hand-over', if you have any matter you wish to draw to the attention of the Council, please contact the Chairman, Brian Frith, on 01953 789882 or email: (our 'dedicated' Parish Council email address).  Anne's first 'appearance' at a meeting will be on September 19th: we wish her a long and happy association with the Parish Council.