Parish Council Meeting of 19th September 2013

Written by Anne Rayner.

The Parish Council meeting on 19th September was attended by Councillors Brian Frith, Beverley Humphreys, Claire Jordan, Jackie Bowers, David Peacock and Gillian Barnes. Chairman Brian Frith welcomed
our new Clerk, Anne Rayner, to the meeting and all present wished her a long and happy association with the Council. Also present were County Councillor Beverley Spratt and seven members of the public.

Some of the main items discussed at the meeting are mentioned here. Full minutes of the meeting are available here Minutes 2013 September 19th - in draft form until agreed by the Council at the next meeting (17th October).


The following planning Applications were discussed:
2013/1247 New house at 3 Orchard Close; recommended for approval by the Parish Council, following changes from the original plan for two houses;
2013/1379 Conversion of outbuildings to annex and new garage at Tasway House, Aslacton Road: Parish Council recommended refusal in view of the large scale of annex, its orientation and the possibility of overlooking nearby properties;
2013/1555 Utility room extension at Chestnut Cottage, Long Stratton Road: recommended for approval.

Councillors were delighted to report the successful completion of a path on Aslacton Road, near the school. This was upgraded from the original trod path which had been agreed, to a tarmac path with kerbing. Hopefully this, together with the Vehicle Activated Sign which should shortly be installed at the bottom of Mill Road, should do as much as possible to make this junction safe, especially for the children of the village at the start and end of the school day.

The grit bin which was stolen from Aslacton Road will be replaced before the winter and Norfolk County Council have confirmed that our two grit bins (the other one being on Tabernacle Lane) will be filled twice over the winter.

Please, with winter approaching, could we ask all residents to ensure their hedges and trees are not overgrown and encroaching onto the highways, pavements or footpaths.

The War Memorial at Forncett St Mary has, for many years, sufferedfrom water and frost damage. Temporary repairs have been carried free of charge by a volunteer and the Council is looking at how to bring about a more permanent solution. Next year will see us commemorate the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War and Councillors all agreed that ensuring our memorial is in good condition, should be a high priority.

The next meeting of the Parish Council will be on Thursday October 17th 2013 starting at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall. The agenda will be published about a week before the meeting, but if you have any matters to bring to the attention of the Parish Council in the meantime, please contact the Clerk, Anne Rayner, on 01508 570700 or by email .