Ladies Who Lunch

The Walnut Tree, Thwaite

The more perceptive of you may have noticed the absence of Ladies who Lunch recently: well I have been a bit poorly. I am recovering slowly, but unfortunately the diagnosis of type 2 diabetes is the last thing that a restaurant reviewer needs. My puddings!!! How can I write about squidgy, sweet, chocolatey things now? How can I eat only three chips and leave the rest? We shall have to see how things progress. I will carry on writing when I can, and for those of you who share my condition, the food I will be eating will be ‘suitable for diabetics’ and those on a weight-loss diet.

But I did want to tell you about a lovely pub restaurant I went to recently; it is 100% vegetarian and can cater for vegan, and gluten intolerant individuals too: they even crafted me a bespoke pudding so I didn’t feel left out. It’s the Walnut Tree at Thwaite on the A 140 between Diss and Ipswich, (nearer to Diss though), and bang on the side of the A 140, and easy to find.  

Our party consisted of six old friends who met at college and have been in touch ever since: it’s a lovely way to catch up with the news and reminisce about the olden days!

The pub is light, bright and warm, and the dining area spacious; the service is brisk and attentive without being in any way oppressive. Once we all had our drinks – mine being the tiniest bit of Prosecco, honestly – we turned to the menu to make our choices. Some of the mains were a little complicated for me, too much fat, too much carbohydrate, that sort of thing, so I decided on having a starter as a main, I chose the vegetable soup with an extra side order of fresh vegetables. The other five round the table chose Thyme roasted squash, goats cheese and pecan tart with baby potatoes and a rocket and pear salad; Lentil, Vegetable and Red Wine Ragout, Served with freshly cooked linguine and garlic ciabatta, and an asparagus turnover cooked in puff pastry. Silence then descended which is rare when we six meet up, but the food was fabulous and we all cleared our plates in no time at all.

As I said, I had privately arranged for a bespoke pudding, so I turned a blind eye to the Pear Crumble with cream to the left of me, the Sweet potato, cinnamon & pecan pie with custard, to the right of me, and the Lemon Posset opposite. I tucked into my Emmental cheese and fresh pear and was more than satisfied. Four of us had a selection of coffees to follow; thank heaven I have not been forbidden my beloved espresso!

I really liked this place; the staff were so friendly, the place clean and welcoming – great big foliage plants on all the windowsills, and for once I got a decent serving of properly cooked fresh vegetables. The loos are immaculate and easy to get to: the disabled access is ‘doable’ although there are a couple of steps into the building; help will be given.

The bill for all six of us came to just over the £100 mark, so that’s about £17 each; jolly good value for money.


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