Millbank and Fourways Planning applications

Written by Brian Frith.

Planning applications at 'Millbank' and 'Fourways', Forncett End - Opposite 'The Jolly Farmers'.


At the meeting of the South Norfolk Planning Committee on 27th March, application 2012/1615 (for the building of three houses on the site of 'Fourways' bungalow) was approved with conditions.  It is expected that there will be a condition relating to the 'boundary treatment' on the corner of Long Stratton Road / Norwich Road, after concerns were expressed that loss of clear view of traffic would result from the application as submitted.

Original Article

Many residents will be aware that there have been several planning applications for the development of this site.  This article is an attempt to explain, in a purely factual way, what has happened and what is being proposed.

The whole area is within the 'Development Boundary / Settlement Boundary' of Forncett.  Bentley Road forms the 'boundary' between Forncett and Tacolneston.

The site has been unoccupied for some time, and over the winter of 2011/12 there was considerable clearance of trees before the whole site was divided by fence into three areas.  One is basically the area of the former 'vegetable garden' with frontage onto Bentley Road.  The second is the area around 'Fourways', the bungalow and former shop, with access to Long Stratton Road. The third is the area around 'Millbank' (the white house) with access onto both Norwich Road and Bentley Road.

Planning Application 2012 / 0617 (March 2012) was to 'subdivide the garden of Millbank' and erect three detached houses on the first of these areas, all with access to Bentley Road.  This was withdrawn and replaced by application 2012 / 1147 (June 2012), also for three detached houses with access to Bentley Road. This was approved in August 2012.

Planning Application 2012 / 1615 (submitted August 2012) concerns the second area described above and is to demolish 'Fourways' and erect three detached houses on the site, with access to Long Stratton Road.  Minor modifications were made to the original plans and there was a further period of consultation around the end of 2012.  This application is awaiting a decision (as at the date of publication of this article - late February 2013).

Planning Application 2013 / 0138 (submitted February 2013) concerns the third area and is to demolish 'Millbank', subdivide the area around Millbank into three, and erect one chalet bungalow (with access to Norwich Road) and two houses (with access to Bentley Road).  This application is currently open for public consultation.

All application plans, details and comments already made by members of the public, parish councils and other agencies are available to view on line at  and then typing the appropriate application number in the search box.  They are also available at South Norfolk Council Offices in Long Stratton. 

The text of this article (except the 'Update' following the Planning Committee on 27th March) was agreed in full by all members of Forncett Parish Council at the meeting on 21st February 2013.