Parish Council Meeting of 21st February 2013

Written by Sarah Berwick / Brian Frith.

Present at the meeting in the Village Hall on 21st February were Brian Frith (Chair), Bev Humphreys (vice-Chair), Councillors Jackie Bowers, Terry Henderson, Claire Jordan, David Peacock and Parish Clerk Sarah Berwick. Also present were County Councillor Bev Spratt (until about 8 pm) and five members of the public. Apologies were received from Councillor Gilly Barnes, District Councillor Bob McClenning and Karen Darrell (Chair of Tacolneston Parish Council

The major item for discussion in the 'Planning' section was application 2013/0138 for the demolition of 'Millbank' and the erection of one chalet bungalow and two houses on the site at the junction of Long Stratton Road and Norwich Road in Forncett End.  Councillors agreed to comment that this would make a total of six dwellings on the former Millbank site (a total of nine on the combined Millbank and Fourways sites, if all applications are approved) and to query whether this had implications for Social Housing contributions, even though it was noted that the applications were in different names.  In addition, Councillors agreed to draw attention to the fact that, if approved, this would add 5 new access points onto Bentley Road (including the 3 already approved in application 2012/1147).  It was also agreed, because of the complex series of applications which have been made on these sites, to publish a purely factual account of the situation on the '' web-site, to help members of the public understand what has already happened and what is being planned.

The issue of improving road safety in the area of the school was once again on the agenda.  Norfolk County Council has a fund which could make a grant of 75% of the cost of 'minor improvements' proposed by Parish Councils.  It was agreed that this was an opportunity 'too good to miss' so an application would be made (in the following order of priority) for

  1. A speed sensitive 'slow down' / 'school' warning sign near the bottom of Mill Road (pointing 'up' the road);  
  2. A speed sensitive 'slow down' / 'school' warning sign on Low Road, near the bus stop (pointing away from the school);
  3. A 'trod path' on the wide verge along Aslacton Road to help parents / children who park along Aslacton Road.

The total cost of all of these measures would be approaching £20,000, but with the 75% Norfolk County Grant and the hope of further grants from South Norfolk and contributions from other parties, it was envisaged that the financial contribution by the Parish Council would be within the scope of its reserves.  Clearly, if the grants are not forthcoming, the scheme will not go ahead, or will be restricted in line with available funds.

A while ago the parish council adopted the phone boxes in Low Road and Mill Road. These boxes belong to the parish. Gould you help maintain them by giving them a bit of TLC? Do you have any ideas as to what they could now be used for, other parishes use them for notice boards, book exchanges etc. Please contact the clerk with offers of help or any ideas. 

There will be a litter pick, there are four prizes of £250 in the Tas Valley Neighbourhood Board area on offer which will be picked out of a hat from all those organisations taking part. It was agreed to do the pick on 6th April, keep a look out on the parish notice boards and website for further information. 

It was agreed to move the parish council accounts to Co-Operative Bank following Santander informing of a £7.50 monthly charge. The parish council appointed Anne Barnes as the internal auditor. 

There have been five crimes recorded in the village for January; two recorded as other, one burglary dwelling, one burglary non dwelling and one violence against a person. 

For full minutes of the meeting (in draft form until approved at the next meeting in March) click here

The next meeting of the Parish Council will be on Thursday 21st March 2013 at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall.  All welcome! 

If you have any queries regarding the Parish Council please contact the clerk, Sarah Berwick, 10 Hall Lane, Wacton, Norwich, NR15 2 UH.  Tel. 01508 531854.